10 Signs It’s Time to Move Out of Your Parents House

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Are you a college graduate and wound up living back with mom and dad while looking for a job and paying off some serious student loan debt? If so, you are definitely not alone. This is the reality for so many young adults today. But, here’s the thing. Far too many times, living at home gets a bit too comfortable, and you may wind up there for more time than you initially planned.

If you are starting to feel like it may be time to move out, here are 10 signs that it may be time to move out of your parents house.

It Might Just Be Time If...

#1 Your Parents Have Made Your Childhood Bedroom Into Their Friends Guest Room:

If you’ve gone on vacation with friends to come home to your childhood bedroom completely redone and made into a guest room for your parents friends, here’s your first sign it may be time to move out of your parents house. Your parents may be giving your this various obvious nudge that it’s time to get serious about finding a place of your own, or the couch and the living room may turn into your new sleeping arrangement….a bit harsh, but hey, this is a big sign it’s time to think about moving out.

#2 You Have Little to No Privacy:

If living at your parents house as an adult feels the same as it did when you were younger, then chances are, you aren’t getting much privacy. If your parents barge into your room without knocking, and treat the living situation like you’re a teenager all over again, it may be time to move out.

#3 You Have a Job & Stability:

Many young adult fresh out of college find themselves back at their parents house until they get themselves back on their feet financially and until they land that first big gig. But, if you have a job and some stability to be on your own, then what are you waiting for?

#4 Your Siblings Moved Out a Long Time Ago:

If you have siblings, and all of you are pretty close in age, and you’re the only one still at home with mom and dad, then this may be an indication that it's time to get moving right along and start looking for your own place. Sure, it may be cozy staying at home, but getting out on your own can be an amazing opportunity as well.

#5 Bringing Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend Over Starts Getting a Little Awkward:

This goes with the whole privacy issue. If bringing your significant other home with your parents hanging around is starting to get awkward, then you may want to start to think about getting your own place. Plus, it may be kinda awkward explaining that you still live at home with mom and dad in a fresh new relationship, and who wants to introduce your date to mom and dad after just one or two dinners out? Don’t push the meet the parents stage prematurely because you're living at home.


#6 Your Parents Set a Curfew:

If your parents are still telling you what time you have to be home and you’re 25 years old, it’s time to get a place of your own. While it’s totally understandable for your parents to worry about you no matter how old you are, having your mom and dad tell you what time to be home in your mid-twenties can get annoying pretty quick.

#7 You’re in a Long-Term Relationship:

If you’ve been dating your significant other for a few years, and the topic of getting your own place together has come up more than once, then it may really be time to get out of mom and dad's house. Plus, getting your own place will only give you more privacy and more time to spend with your significant other in a place of your own.

#8 You’re Eating Mac & Cheese Five Times a Week:

Do you come home from work to a bowl of moms homemade mac and cheese every night? If so, that’s awesome, but eating the same foods you ate when you were growing up over and over again can get pretty old. Getting your own place where you have free reign to cook whatever you want can actually be totally fun!

#9 Your Mom Still Does Your Laundry:

If you leave a stack of laundry in your room at your parents house, and your mom just takes care of it on a weekly basis, this may seem helpful, but it doesn’t actually help  you when it comes to the real world. Get out there and live on your own where you have to learn how to do your own laundry. It will actually be super beneficial for you in the long run when you actually have to know how to wash laundry and get those pizza and wine stains out of your white shirt.

#10 You’re Over 30 Years Old:

Ok, so here’s the last sign it’s time to move out. If your 30th birthday has come and gone and you’re still living at home, it may really be time now. And, by age 30, you may be ready for some serious independence from mom and dad too.


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The Bottom Line

If you’ve been living at mom and dad’s house, and are starting to itch to get out of there and go explore the world on your own, do it! Moving out of your parents house may be a little uncomfortable at first, but you will experience a whole new level of independence, privacy, and self-worth having to take on and do things completely on your own. Moving out may end up being exactly what you need.

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