3 Summer Workouts You Need to Try


Here at Saved by the Dress we love working out! Being that we are headquartered in Miami, if we ever start to slack on our workout routines we are surrounded by endless amounts of “fitspo”(aka people in better shape than us) to motivate us to get back in the gym. We find that sometimes the same old gym routine can get boring so we are always exchanging workout plans and gym advice. Here are three of our favorite workout plans for summer 2019! 


1. Boot-camps

Boot-camps are intense to say the least! Usually characterized by time-based interval circuits without a lot of equipment, boot-camp workouts are gaining popularity in gyms all across the country. In Miami, there is no shortage of gyms that specialize in boot camps but if you aren’t near one or you’d rather not shell out the extra money you can create one for yourself at home or at your gym! There are tons of variations of boot camp workout plans that you can find for free all over the internet that involve setting up a couple of stations, incorporating some light exercise equipment (medicine balls, dumbbells, jump rope, etc), and pushing yourself to the limit during the course of a given time interval. These workouts are great for people who want to see fast results!


2. Barre Classes

These fun classes use the same barre and mirrored wall setup that you may recognize from ballet classes to concentrate on isometric strength training (which is just workout jargon for standing still and working out one muscle group). Utilizing the ballet barre for balance, the class will incorporate poses from pilates, yoga, and ballet. Barre classes are great for working on getting toned and working on your flexibility.


3. Cross-fit

Perhaps the only workout on this list that need no introduction, cross-fit is definitely a go-to for a lot of us here at Saved by the Dress.  If you really want to push yourself to the limit during your workout and get drenched in your own sweat, this is the workout for you. Cross-fit classes are usually broken up into three sections: the aerobic exercise, calisthenics, and Olympic weight lifting. How the three sections are executed depends largely on the gym you go to so we suggest that you ask around to find a cross-fit workout that is suitable for you.

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