48 Hour Colorado Spring Travel Guide

Oh Colorado! The beautiful scenery, the crisp mountain air, that funny smell you start to notice the second you step outside the airport…

Colorado has become quite the tourist destination over the last few years and for good reason! There is no shortage of things to do in this beautiful state. Spring is not the best time of year to go for skiing if that’s what you’re looking for but there is tons to see in Denver and lots of phenomenal hiking just outside the city. 

If you’re visiting Colorado, chances are that you’ll be flying into the Denver Airport. One thing to keep in mind is that the airport is actually about a 30 minute drive from downtown Denver so taking a cab or an uber can be a little pricey. Denver is known for its many, many, many breweries and of course its marijuana dispensaries. It is better to take it easy with whatever substance you choose to partake in while you are in Colorado (especially if you live at sea level) because of the higher altitude, the brain has less oxygen and the effects are magnified. The high altitude helped me budget my trip more effectively though because one beer was enough to give me a nice buzz! There are so many cool places to checkout in Denver, the first stop for me was the Molly Brown House / Museum. Any fan of the famous musical from 1964 will definitely want to check the gorgeous house out. After Molly Brown’s house, I checked out the Denver Art Museum which always has free admission on the first Saturday of every month. Within walking distance of the museum is the 16th Street Mall, a mile long pedestrian-friendly promenade perfect for anyone looking to squeeze some retail therapy into their vacation. 

On the second day of my visit, I rented a car and drove thirty miles outside of Denver to Boulder, Colorado to get a taste of nature. The hiking in the area is absolutely fantastic! I went to the Royal Arch, the Flatirons, and the ElDorado Canyon hiking trails while I was in town. After my hiking excursions I went to Pearl Street in Boulder to walk around and get something to eat, I highly recommend it-the town is so cute! 

That night I caught a movie at Denver’s independent theater, the beautiful Mayan Theater. The theater has really interesting movies that you won’t find elsewhere and they even have a bar! The next morning, I headed back to the 16th Street Mall for breakfast before I got on my flight back to Miami.

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