8 Annoying Coworker Habits You May Relate To

8 Annoying Coworker Habits You May Relate to

#1 You’re Pens are Always Missing: Do you find yourself constantly on the search for those new pens you bring to work each week? Yup, been there done that, and chances are, you have a pen swiper at your office. If some of your favorite office supplies just happen to go missing from time to time, chances are, it’s your office buddy in the cubicle next door. News flash, it is SO not cool to steal pens or any office supplies for that matter, even if you’re BFF’s with your co-workers...ugh totally annoying!

#2 Your Coworkers Come to Work Sick: Can we just take a moment to let everyone know that if you’re sick, everyone much prefers you stay home in bed then at the office spreading your germs for everyone to take home with them.

#3 Your Coworker Chews Gum So Loud You Can Hear it in the Cubicle Down the Hall: We can all relate to just how annoying it is when you can literally hear something smacking their gum across the hall. For some, this is just as piercing to the ears as nails on a chalkboard. So, if you have a loud gum chewer at the office, either drop a hint to pipe down the gum smacking a bit, or invest in some headphones to tune out the noise.

#4 You Have a Goody-Goody in the Office: Do you have that one coworker who is always showing up early, dressed in that perfect prim and proper blouse, and comes bearing all sorts of morning coffee and breakfast goodies for the office managers? While that’s sweet and all, we can totally see why you may roll your eyes every time she walks past your cubicle with a beaming smile at eight o'clock in the morning.

#5 Pen Clicking: Similar to the gum chewing, do you have excessive pen clickers in your office? Let’s just leave this one right here, because I think we all know just how annoying this can get on hour four of your eight hour work day.

#6 No Personal Space: Do your coworkers have no idea what personal space means? Maybe your best friend at work has no idea how to take a hint that you definitely can’t stand when she eats off of your plate on your lunch break or the friendly intern who “taste tests” the morning latte she brings you each morning. Yea, we know- totally gross.

#7 Super Obnoxiously Positive Morning People: Starting the day with a positive outlook isn’t a bad thing, but if you aren’t a morning person, and your coworker buddies are just full of bright and bubbly personality at seven or eight o'clock in the morning, it can get a little annoying. I mean, at least let everyone have their first cup of joe in some peace and quiet, right?

#8 Loud High Heel Shoes: You know those coworkers who wear super loud high heel shoes? Yeah, super annoying especially when they walk the halls all..day...long.

So there you have it, some of the most annoying coworker habits that are enough to drive anyone nuts. Do you work in an office with coworkers who drive you absolutely nuts more times than not?

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