Dress Colors We’re Loving For Summer 2020

You haven’t fully embraced the summer season until you’ve reinvigorated your wardrobe. It’s time to turn in those sweaters and scarves for sundresses and swimsuits. This year, we’re soaking up the sun in some exciting new colors that really scream summer. Embrace these trendy new looks with some expert tips on the best dress colors for summer 2020.

Our style experts heard it first, and now we’re bringing you the latest news on hues that will put you in the summertime mood. Relax and unwind from a chilly winter with fun and flirty summer dress colors and outfit ideas for summer 2020!

Beachy Blues for a Day At The Shore

Blue summer dress colors in field

There’s no question that summer fashion takes much of its inspiration from nature. We love that this summer, trends are sure to involve some beachy blues. Embrace the flow of the waves with a vibrant turquoise or a sweet baby blue. Even pastel blues can make it look like you’re ready to hit the beach as soon as June rolls around.

The best thing about blue is that it’s such a versatile color. You can mix and match hearty and subtle blues in your outfit without the summer dress colors feeling monochromatic. Try out a soft blue dress with grayscale accessories.

A great summer accessory that you may have missed this summer is the wide brim hat. Blend beachy and country together with a sophisticated take on the straw hat. This time though, the straw hat isn’t it's usual nude or beige. It's gray, white, or black. Use a blue ribbon accent to tie it into your dress. Finish the best dress colors outfit off with a pair of breezy wedges or sandals.

Sun-Soaked Neutrals By The Pool

Some color palettes just put you in a good mood. This summer, we are embracing summer dress colors like warm, sun-soaked neutrals. Burnt orange, soft reds, and vibrant off-yellow beiges put you in the perfect headspace for relaxation and self-care.

Feel like sun meeting sand, or reflecting off the walls of your sunroom in these high-end neutrals. The color of your dress can change the way you feel in it, and these colors are instantly centering. Float through your day in a flowy neutral maxi dress. Pair the look with stylish wedges and a pair of killer earrings. The key to this summer dress color palette is understatement. Don’t go too big with your jewelry or shoes.

One way to make more of a bold approach to your accessories for this look is to take them right from nature. Necklaces that embrace natural stones, crystals, and other features of the wild look great paired with the warm, earthy color palette of your dress.

Warm and Cold Combine On Breezy Sundresses

cute patterned summer dress

One trend we can’t get enough of is the patterned maxi sundress. Designers are bringing warm and cold color palettes together for a bold and tropical look. We can’t get enough of these vibrant summer dress colors. Summer is when we see warm sun meet cold blue sky. These dresses operate within the same dichotomy. The reason the best dress colors work so well here is that print and pattern dresses give off a more artsy feel.

Patterns can be scary to try out sometimes, especially as dresses can introduce layers in other ways. Textures like lace, ribbon, or mesh can make a design feel more complex without looking busy. Once you leap into utilizing a pattern, though, you begin to see the unique way that it contextualizes your look. Patterns that use summer dress colors in pictures, like a repeating image with space in between, are perfect for warm weather fashion.

Grapefruit Hues Are Extra Juicy

best summer dress colors

You know the saying ‘you are what you eat.’ This summer, take in all the most delicious fruit with dress colors like grapefruit and peach. Instead of a little red dress, whip out a soft peachy dress for your next event. These juicy hues look amazing with a pair of ankle boots. Try a short grapefruit cut-out dress to take in all the summer rays.

When you’re looking for reddish, romantic summer dress colors for dates or parties, this is your color. Swap in your soft pinks for juicy grapefruit this season. Celebrate your rosy cheeks and cravings for pink lemonade with a peachy gown this summer.

The Little Black Dress

Summer is filled with vacations, events, and parties. One essential dress color we can’t forget to mention is a simple black hue. No woman’s wardrobe is complete without the quintessential little black dress. It’s one of the best dress colors in history! It’s the perfect outfit to slip on when you don’t know what else to wear, and it is one of the only summer dress colors that goes with everything. To take this wardrobe essential from winter to summer, swap out a scarf for a statement necklace. Instead of black boots, match it with a pair of wedges or flats. The best beachy designs for a little black dress are:

  • Off the shoulder dress
  • Romper dress
  • Flowing maxi dress

Unlike some other, more vibrant colors, you can dress this color up or down simply with just a few accessories. Pastel pumps make it perfect for formal events. Sandals suit these summer dress colors for a day at the beach or running errands. There are hundreds of ways to style this classic piece.

Sophisticated Wine-soaked Lace

A great way to sell sophistication in your summer look is with textured clothing. Lace in a dress can make the look instantly upscale, without compromising on color. Among the best dress colors, a trendy color as of late has been a deep wine burgundy. This looks stunning on a short dress and instantly elevates when the dress incorporates lace.

If you’re trying to look summery without compromising on professionalism, the wine-soaked lace dress is a perfect choice. Dress these summer dress colors down with a beachy hat, or up with a pair of nude heels. Go instantly from a corporate function to the bar with friends, without missing a beat. Embrace your versatile inner style with hundreds of styling options for the wine-soaked lace dress. Get excited about all the summer looks available at Saved by the Dress. We have hundreds of dresses to choose from so that you can style summer your way.

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