How to Stay Warm With Winter Dress Style

There's nothing like winter dress style. Summer style may be sexy, but winter style is on-point and sharp. You have ample opportunities to dress up even as you go about your mundane day-to-day activities. That's solely because of layering, which is capable of turning ho-hum ensembles into glamorous, winter-warm statement-makers. Saved by the Dress has put together a list of irresistible ideas for cute winter outfits for women. We want you to stay toasty while you tempt the world in your favorite dress, whether it's long and flowing or short and clingy. With our help, you can wear your little black dresses and sassy sheaths all year long, including the months when the temperatures dip into chilly territory.

A Statement Jacket That's Fashionable and Functional

a fuzzy white winter statement coat

Outerwear is a vital part of winter dress style, but who wants to cover up a fabulous dress with a big, bulky coat? Winter wear is all about finding the perfect balance between a stylish outfit and a seasonally appropriate one. You can’t walk out into the elements without a jacket, but that doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice your fashion instincts or hide your ensemble beneath a traditional winter coat.

Opt for a statement jacket that can still protect you from the weather. We adore the look of fuzzy coats that resemble fur. They're a street-style favorite and they look sensational with a variety of dresses, including little black dresses and fitted bodycon pieces.

These Boots Are Made for … A Little Extra Leg Coverage

knee-high tan colored boots

Who doesn't love statement boots? In the wintertime, especially, they're the cornerstone of many cute winter outfits for women. You can't beat the combination of a short dress with a pair of knee-high boots. Thigh-high boots and mini dresses go together like peanut butter and jelly, too.

The great thing about out-of-this-world boots is that they can upgrade even the simplest of dresses. Throw on a pair of black knee-high boots with your favorite cocktail dress, for example, to ooh and ahh at your dress's new attitude. Picture yourself in a chic, neutral fawn-colored dress paired with slouchy high boots and a fitted, brown plaid blazer. Just like that, you're ready to show up at the office in a showstopper of an outfit.

That Cardigan Is Thick

a thick black ribbed open-style cardigan

Knowing how to layer will instantly elevate your winter dress style. Layering allows you to add or shed layers depending on where you are or what you're doing without taking away from your flawless ensemble. It's a vital skill in the colder months because you can take off an outer layer when you head indoors or add a sweater if you start to feel a chill.

On the subject of sweaters, a thick cardigan is the perfect accompaniment to your winter-wear dresses. Whether you're in a toasty wool dress or a lighter weight cotton piece, a cozy cardigan adds another layer of style and texture while ensuring that you remain comfortable and warm.

One note to remember is that cardigans complement casual dresses the most. If it's a maxi or a short skater dress that you want to wear to work or school, then you can slip a cardi over it, wrap up in a scarf, and throw on your coat. Voila, you have a picture-perfect outfit for a moderate winter's day.

The Ultimate Under-Layer

a black sheer button-down top

We've spent all this time talking about items to layer over your dress. Now it's time to discuss some cute winter outfits for women that involve under-layering. Specifically, let's focus on the appeal of jumper dresses.

The throwback fashion is recently making the rounds again as a top-trending fad. As you may already know, jumpers are typically sleeveless dresses that often have a low bib front. Whatever the design, it's usually best to wear a shirt beneath your jumper. Eye-catching blouses are a sure bet.

Let your fashion savvy take center stage. Your jumper can act as an anchor for a fabulous, dramatic top. Collared button-downs are classic, but something with lace or mesh details is even better. Be bold as you experiment with blouse and dress combos.

Leggings and Tights to Stay Toasty

a pair of black lace cutout leggings


Warm winter dress style is easy when you're imaginative. You might think that you have to hang up all of your cute party dresses, but you can keep them in your rotation throughout the winter as long as you select smart accessories. Tights, pantyhose, and sometimes even leggings will cover your legs and keep them warm, no matter how short your hemline. Heck, you can slide hose beneath a summery maxi dress and continue wearing it throughout the winter. Go through your collection of leggings, as well. Many leggings are fitted and thin enough to effortlessly layer beneath dresses.

Switch Over to a Jumpsuit

a long sleeve, navy blue jumpsuit

This isn't exactly a style tip, but it's a cute winter outfit idea for women who like to dress outside the box. Consider switching out one or two of your dresses for a stunning jumpsuit. Jumpsuits resemble formal dresses and they're full of eye-popping details, but they cover the legs and, sometimes, even the arms.

As you may have seen in the magazines and on the red carpet, formal, tailored jumpsuits are currently a favorite among celebrities. They offer the opportunity to dress up in a glamorous outfit that's nevertheless practical. They also give you the chance to rock a look with a menswear vibe.

Of course, there are plenty of casual jumpsuits to choose from, too. On the daily, you can show off a jumpsuit at work, in the classroom, or when you're heading out to a movie with your boyfriend. Style it in much the same way as you would a dress when it comes to selecting jewelry and shoes.

Polish up your winter dress style with the help of Saved by the Dress. Get lost in our array of dresses, footwear, and to-die-for accessories. Spend over $75 to get free shipping!

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