Keep Your Jumpsuit Style Fresh

The secret to on-point jumpsuit style is to embrace the versatility of the piece. A fitted blazer, a gorgeous choker, or a fierce pair of black booties can elevate your jumpsuit and polish your appearance. Whether you prefer simple pieces or trendy jumpsuits, there's a style secret that will take your outfit of the day to the next level of fabulous.

Try a Tailored Touch

woman wearing a structured, tailored black jumpsuit

Jumpsuit style runs the gamut between laid-back and formal. The right jumpsuit is an edgy alternative to a cocktail dress or a semi-formal gown. Following the menswear-inspired trends that have overtaken the red carpet and the runway, you can combine aspects feminine and masculine fashion in a single one-piece outfit.

Tailored jumpsuits come in a variety of designs, but they do usually boast a detail that's evocative of menswear, such as a structured collar or a close fit along the legs. Tapered hems are on-point, as are button-down bodices. However, there are plenty of formal and tailored jumpsuits with accents that would look at home on the catwalk, including sweetheart necklines and cinched waists.

Play with Casual Styles

a woman modeling a casual striped jumpsuit

You can wear trendy jumpsuits on the day-to-day as well as special occasions. Casual styles will keep your look easy-breezy and effortlessly chic. The secret is to shop for relaxed-fit pieces that are comfortable to wear on errands, out for drinks, and to the movies.

Check out jumpsuits with scoop neck bodices that resemble a tee shirt. The bottom half should have some flow, as well. Printed items give off a lax but lovely vibe, too. Browse for comfy waistlines secured by a drawstring or elastic band. If you're going to wear a jumpsuit for the entire day, you don't want it to be cumbersome or uncomfortable.

Cinch that Waist

a gold chain belt over a dress

The waistline is an important aspect in many jumpsuit styles because it changes the entire appearance of the piece. Fortunately, it's not hard to switch it up with one-and-done outfits no matter what the design. If you find a color, pattern, or style that you love, don't worry about the waist. In a pinch, you can cinch it yourself.

Belts don't get enough recognition as accessories. To be fair, however, that's because you rarely see them, hiding as they do behind belt loops and beneath shirts. With a jumpsuit, a belt can stand out and be seen. To make the most of it, you need statement-making, in-your-face belts.

Add a belt to your jumpsuit to cinch your waist and draw attention to the overall shape and structure of your outfit. Naturally, the belt depends on the ensemble. A neutral belt with a bit of bling is better for a printed jumpsuit, but you can be bold about it when you're styling a chic black or white jumpsuit.

Experiment with Fierce Footwear

a pair of glittering metallic ankle booties

Because jumpsuits are one piece, the eye is automatically drawn to their length, i.e., your legs. Not only do you have to thoughtfully consider your choice of shoes, but you also have to understand what works with a jumpsuit and what doesn't. Some casual jumpsuits look all right with sneakers, for example, but they're mostly meh.

If you want to wear flats with any jumpsuit, stick to ballet flats or flat sandals. Just make sure that the hem of the pants won't drag the ground. That's not cute.

It's more common to wear heels with a jumpsuit, including small kitten heels. Trendy jumpsuits were practically made to pair with sky-high pumps, but high heel boots and booties have the same effect.

Try to avoid gladiator sandals and knee-high boots, though. They're too much with a jumpsuit. Furthermore, they take away from that long length. Rather than making your legs appear long, both gladiator sandals and high boots can cause your legs to seem short and stumpy.

Become the Layering Queen

a woman wearing a pink kimono

Are you ready to take your jumpsuit style to another level? All you have to do is layer your ensemble. While traditional cardigans are best suited for casual jumpsuits, a flowing kimono cardigan sizzles when paired with a simple straight-legged jumpsuit.

You can turn some of your jumpsuits into school or workday outfits, as well. A sharp, tailored jumpsuit looks bomb beneath a blazer, a combo that can also work on date nights. Can you think of anything better than an outfit that can transition from the classroom or cubicle to the club without a single change?

To dress up a sleeveless or strapless jumpsuit, consider a little shrug. Cropped blazers and bolero jackets can add just the punch you want. This type of ensemble is ideal for glam dinner parties and evening get-togethers that beg for something fancy.

Slip On Some Jazzy Jewelry

a gold and jeweled statement necklace

As always, the right jewelry can turn your trendy jumpsuit into a first-class stunner. What you choose depends on the style of your jumpsuit, the neckline, and the sleeves. Use the same rules that you employ with other outfits, e.g., don't waste an arm party of bracelets on a long sleeve top and wear longer necklaces with high-neck pieces. A cocktail ring is the perfect choice with just about any style, even casual ones.

Wrap Up with a Scarf

photo of a woman with a plaid scarf

Forget about your trusty woolen scarf. Airy, lightweight fashion scarves are an essential component of jumpsuit style. Thread a scarf around your waist or drape it over your shoulders. You can tie it around your neck at a jaunty angle, or you can go full Parisian and wrap your scarf around your hair. With a tailored jumpsuit and to-die-for heels, you might be mistaken for a style-maker straight from the Champs-Élysées.

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