Party Dresses that Will Flatter Any Body Type

Dressing for your figure is essential. You'll look and feel confident, sexy, and stylish if you have the right dress. Saved by the Dress has dresses for every body type and every occasion to help you dress to impress. Whether you boast an hourglass figure or a slender silhouette, you can find out-of-this-world party dresses in a variety of flattering designs. Learn how to identify your body shape, then read up on our tips for finding the perfect dress.

Rocking Your Hourglass

Do you have curves for days? If your figure is characterized by a full bust, full hips, and a comparatively slimmer waist, then you have the coveted hourglass figure. There's no set size for the hourglass figure, either. As long as your bust and hips are proportional to each other and your waist, you're rocking a set of dangerous curves. In addition to having a sought-after silhouette, you also have a whole world of dress options from which to choose. When shopping for dresses for this body type, keep your options—and your mind—open.

Anything with a V-shaped neckline is a winner. Those designs draw attention to your bust and highlight your cleavage. That being said, you might want to stay away from necklines that plunge a bit too far. However, feel free to try your luck with open necklines. Anything with a cinched waist is flattering to your figure, as well. Even casual maxi dresses will showcase your sensational shape. Consider a wrap dress accessorized with a belt or a waist chain.

As for dresses to avoid, shapeless frocks are your worst enemy. Baby doll dresses are back at the forefront of nostalgia fashion, but the sack-like silhouette won't do any favors for your shape. Empire waist dresses, which work with every other body type, are best left to those bodies. Don't put on anything too big, either. Oversize dresses aren't up your alley.

Pretty Dresses for Pear-Shaped Figures

Pear or triangle-shaped bodies resemble both shapes to a tee. With this body type, your bust and upper body are smaller than your hips and your thighs. Your breasts and shoulders probably aren't as flared as your hips. As a result of your shape, you have an assortment of party dresses to consider, each one more fabulous than the next.

One popular style for this body type is the strapless dress, especially if it features an A-line silhouette and a full skirt. Open necklines draw attention to your chest while detracting from your lower body. In fact, any frock with fierce details around the bust, neckline, or torso will perfectly balance out your body type. Experiment with fit-and-flare dresses to begin with, whether they're fancy or fit for the day-to-day.

Once again, however, oversized items are a no-no. You don't want to wear any fluffy cupcake skirts, either. Full skirts are fine, but you don't need layers or crinoline or tulle. Midi-length dresses are preferable over short hemlines, which may fall badly due to the natural swell of hips and thighs. For that matter, steer clear of anything that clings too much.

Frocks for Your Athletic Bod

The athletic body shape is the opposite of pear-shaped bodies in that most athletic shapes feature narrow hips, broad shoulders, and waists with less definition than other body types. It does have something in common with the pear shape, though: the importance of balance. The key to selecting dresses for this body type involves illusion. Look for dresses that balance your slender lower body with your breasts, shoulders, and torso. The right dress creates an hourglass figure.

For that reason, you need to look for dresses with ruffles, peplum, and other embellishments at the waist and hips. These details not only make your hips appeal fuller, but they can also minimize the width of your shoulders.

If, on the other hand, you have an athletic body type with larger breasts, then you should think about halter dresses, U- or V-shaped necklines, and stylish draping or ruching around the hips and torso. You can further play with your shape with dresses that have nipped-in waistlines.

As for which dresses to put on your “no” list, spaghetti straps are at the top. They make your shoulders look wider, plus they aren't nearly supportive enough. Thick straps benefit your body type more. They diminish the broadness of your shoulders. Mini dresses and short hemlines will make you look top-heavy.

How About Them Apples?

Party dresses for the apple body type have to accommodate the shape. With an apple shape, you probably have a fuller, rounder stomach and midsection, which may or may not be accompanied by full breasts and hips. Your waist may be short and less defined, but your legs are slim and your rear is flat.

Your upper body is the highlight here, so opt for dresses that show off your bust and shoulders. Empire waist dresses are on-point for you, as are drop-waist frocks and almost any dress with a belt. A swing dress will have jazzy appeal, but you can also shop for fun pieces with embellishments at the top of the dress. Actually, you can wear nearly any style with ease, including A-line silhouettes, full and flirty skirts, and wrap dresses. Don't be afraid to show off your legs with short hemlines, either.

You really only need to stay away from three styles. Fitted dresses aren't a fashionable choice, nor is any frock with a natural waistline, i.e. a waistline that falls at your actual waist. Dresses with harsh horizontal lines are best left to other body types, too.

Uncover dresses for any body type to look your best. What's your body shape? Whatever the silhouette, you can now feel confident in which types of dresses will suit you best for those Friday night parties.

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