Spring 2019 Trend Alerts: They Are Not What You Think

Spring has sprung, and we are so ready to ditch the heavy sweaters and scarves and trade them in for lighter and more colorful outfit choices for the spring and summer ahead. But, what’s even in style this spring? We’re going to break it down for you, and we bet it’s definitely not what you think.


The Top Spring 2019 Trends

#1 Earth Tones

It seems like neutral earth tones are having a moment, and they have been for quite some time. But, it looks like they aren’t going anywhere because earth tones are definitely coming back this spring.


#2 Print

Patterns, patterns, and more patterns. Printed shirts and pants are definitely in, and less is not more when it comes to this style at the moment. People are pairing floral prints with just about anything. So, even if you think certain patterns don’t match, think again. This is the new “it” thing this spring.


#3 Feathers

Remember when clipping feathers into your hair was a thing? Well, feathers are having a comeback moment and are once again a popular way to accessorize your wardrobe. You are bound to see feather printed accessories like handbags and feathers on the bottoms of skirts or dresses this spring.


#4 Biker Shorts

Biker shorts have been super popular lately, and the trend isn’t going anywhere. These are long athletic style shorts that pair well with tanks, t-shirts, and well, pretty much anything else. You can dress them up or dress them down which makes this style super versatile.  


#5 Ruching

Ruched dresses are totally in this spring, and it adds a glamorous look to just about any simple dress. So, if you plan to stock up on spring or summer dresses, be sure to snag a ruched dress or two.


#6 Tie-Dye

Tie-dye printed clothing is seriously making a comeback. It was popular last summer, and you can expect it to make a return this spring and summer as well.

#7 The Utility Look

A utility look when it comes to pants, jackets, and vests has hit shelves this spring. From combat boots to over sized jackets and vests, this is one of the “it” styles this season.


The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for some staple pieces to revamp your closet this spring, these are some of the top trends you will see throughout the spring and summer season. So, go ahead and grab some ruched dresses, anything with bold prints, and some utility-style pants to pair with the tie-dye or floral blouse you can rock all spring and summer.

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