Style Your Favorite Office Piece as a Short Work Dress

You have the best work dresses in your closet, but is that enough to stun at the office? We don't think so. You need accent pieces and accessories to polish up your workday wardrobe. They say you have to dress for the job you want, so it's worthwhile to spend time shopping for layering pieces, footwear, and can't-miss accessories. Saved by the Dress has a few tips on how to style your short work dresses to look sensational and successful.

Punch It Up with a Poncho

a girl modeling a gray buttoned poncho

We don't know about you, but here at Saved by the Dress, we love a layered look. The best work dresses can layer with dozens of pieces, increasing their versatility and wearability. When you can switch it up with a variety of blazers, cardigans, and other sweaters, you increase your wardrobe by threefold or more. A dress that can pair successfully with different accessories is a valuable asset to your workday closet.

With that in mind, may we suggest that you take it back to the '60s and '70s? A punchy poncho is a groovy add-on to your office-ready outfits, especially if that outfit happens to be a short dress. Most ponchos will come more or less level with short hemlines, creating a flirty layered look that's at home in the office and later, when you head out for happy hour with your work pals. Stick with subtle colors and patterns. Let the design and texture of the poncho speak for itself.

Bring on the Blazers

A blazer and a short work dress create a winning combination for the office. To double your pleasure, the duo is also ideal for casual dates and days in the classroom. There's something about a well-fitted blazer with a sassy, short dress. Patterned dresses look particularly pleasing beneath a solid colored jacket.

The fit is important, though. While it's fine and dandy to go for a cute cropped blazer, avoid anything ill-fitting or too large. Depending on your dress, you might want to look for a piece with a soft, rounded collar or even a ruffle at the back. Otherwise, a crisply collared blazer is your go-to.

Strappy Shoes for the Win

a pair of strappy black open-toe sandals


It likely doesn't surprise you that your shoes can alter the overall look and style of your dress. To collect the best work dresses, choose items that pop no matter what kind of shoes you wear. Versatile dresses give you the freedom to experiment with your footwear, which also gives you the chance to continue wearing them throughout various seasons.

Now, let's say you want to give your work dresses a bit of a glam factor, but you obviously don't want to go over-the-top at the office. Style sisters, what you need are strappy shoes. As long as they’re workplace-appropriate, feel free to wear open toes and ankle straps. In fact, heels with an ankle strap possess vintage appeal. They can sprinkle your office outfits with a dusting of retro ferocity.

Texture with Tights

Another way to increase the seasonal longevity of your short work dresses is to introduce tights and hosiery into your wardrobe, as well. Pantyhose aren't quite as popular as they used to be, but you can still find them—and you should, if only in the late fall, winter, and early spring.

Tights, however, are the modern favorite. They're more durable, less likely to run, and more fashionable than simple pantyhose. In some cases, leggings can double as tights, as well. It's beneficial to play around, and not just to keep your legs warm in the cold weather.

You see, tights are an accessory like any other. They can add to your ensemble or skew it towards a different style. Textured tights with a short dress and chunky shoes are all you need to create a Clueless-inspired stunner that's perfectly acceptable for the workplace.

Just a Little Belt

a slim belt and a light brown dress

How often do you wear belts with your dresses? Try it at least once! It might not be a practical accessory in that you probably don't need it to hold up your dress, but a belt can cinch your waist to create the illusion of a waspish hourglass figure.

More to the point, it's an eye-catching accessory. It will pull attention to your dress, front and center. That goes for slim, understated belts, too, but because belts are relatively low-key, it also presents an opportunity to wear an exciting accent piece. You can dare to wear animal print to the office, or select a statement belt in a vivid color, such as hot pink or turquoise. Turn an everyday dress into the best work dress with a simple, sensational accent.

Go Crazy with a Statement Cardi

a long sleeve, mustard yellow cardigan sweater

Much like a poncho, a cardigan offers a way to layer at the office. Cardis aren't as out there as ponchos, but that doesn't mean they're run-of-the-mill in the slightest. On the contrary, they allow you to get a bit dramatic at the office, style-wise.

Most of your short work dresses are probably neutral in color. Solid neutrals are the perfect base for an eye-popping statement sweater. Bewitch your colleagues in a kimono cardigan that floats over your dress. You can also dazzle them with a fantastic color, such as ocean blue or mustard yellow.

Shop for the best work dresses for your personal aesthetic and your office environment. Uncover short dresses that you can wear to work and then out on the town after hours. It's time to update your office wardrobe with items that will make you stand out from your colleagues. Saved by the Dress has an irresistible collection of polished dresses and on-trend accessories to wear with them. Sign up via text with us and score a $15 gift card when you spend at least $75 on your first order!

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