Which Sex & The City Character Are You Most Like?

Take Our Quiz to Find Out!

Carrie Bradshaw:

Carrie Bradshaw is most well-known for spending tons and tons of money on expensive clothes and shoes, puts a ton of focus on her physical appearance, works as a sex columnist, and tends to be the drama queen of the group.


Are you More Like Carrie?

If you’re super into fashion and don’t mind dropping large lump sums of money on things to improve your wardrobe, and you tend to get worked up and dramatic about the small stuff, then you may just be the Carrie of your group of girlfriends. 


Samantha Jones:

Samantha Jones is most well-known for being risque and super independent. Samantha doesn’t need a man to rely on, but this certainly doesn’t hold her back from the dating scene.


Are you More Like Samantha?

Are you a risk-taker, enjoy the thrill of life, and super self-sufficient? You may just be the Samantha Jones of your group of friends.

Charlotte York-Goldenblatt:

The stay at home momma to two is the more “proper” and put together one out of the group of girls. She prides herself on being prim and proper, but she is also more naive that some of the other girls in the group.


Are you More Like Charlotte?

Are you less of a risk-taker and more of a dreamer who tends to be a bit fancier and more proper than some of the other girls? Then you may just be the Charlotte of your group of friends.

Miranda Hobbes:

The lawyer, and the most hard-working out of the group of girls. Miranda is also the most headstrong and can be the negative Nancy of the group but is always there to support her friends.


Are you More Like Miranda?

Are you hard-working, super driven, a little negative at times, but also always there to support your girlfriends? If so, it sounds like you’re most like Miranda.



So, who are you most like? Do you totally fit the characteristics of one, or are you a little mix between two? For fun, share this with your friends to see who’s who when comparing your girlfriends to the ladies of Sex and the City.

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