Why Every Girl Needs a Pretty Lace Dress

Girl smiling in casual lace dress

Finding those style essentials to keep your wardrobe on point can be difficult. Once you have them, though, it’s easy to look fabulous for every event and occasion. For example, having a trusty pair of heels that’s perfect for dressing up or down can get you through anything.

No more staring in the mirror before heading out the door, wondering how you’ll ever find the perfect outfit. No more leafing through your closet trying to find the perfect look for a date, a function, or a night out with friends. Being prepared to dress for events fills you with style confidence.

Casual lace dresses are one of those style essentials that make everyone look good. Pretty lace dresses are perfect for any age, event, and time of year. One of the best things about a nice lace dress is that it can be dressed up or dressed down; it can always be trusted to fit the tone of the day! It’s a style choice that just goes with everything. Here are only a few outfit ideas featuring the quintessential lace dress to get you inspired! Try them out for yourself with your unique variations.

An Elegant Look For Attending a Wedding

Girl smiling in casual lace dress

Casual lace dresses can be dressed up to look gorgeous and refined for formal wedding events. It’s the perfect way to draw the right amount of attention to your stunning look, without being overdone. For weddings, opt for muted colors. Soft blues or dull purples pop next to the pastels of most flower arrangements. That means you’ll look great in pictures!

As for the best styling tips, try to pair your pretty lace dresses with accessories that dress it up and fit the tone of the wedding. A nude heel looks great with the muted colors in your casual lace dresses. Opt for chunky but elegant jewelry. Because lace garments can feel busy if overstyled, try to keep your jewelry monochromatic. Make sure it matches with your other accessories, like your purse and shoes. The best part about a lace dress is that it looks great under the lights of a wedding reception (just don’t wear white!). The other bonus of these dresses is that they, like patterns, look slimming and mask unflattering lines and wrinkles.

The Dressed Down Look For Casual Dinners

Casual lace dresses can go from formal to semi-formal to casual in one fell swoop. By changing a few accessories, you can go from a formal charity event to a casual coffee shop to meet up with friends. This is part of why it is such a wardrobe staple for women. Moms love the dressed-down look because it is perfect for family dinners juggling kids in a busy restaurant.

For a casual dinner, dress down your casual lace dresses with a pair of wedges or flats. You’ll still look stunning, but not too intimidating. As a bonus, you can walk a little easier in these shoes. You can even pair it with some knee-high boots or ankle booties. This is one step further down in terms of looking casual.

The dressed-down version of a pretty lace dress look can pair with a larger purse. A good rule is the more formal the event, the smaller the bag. Drop your small, sleek clutch for a designer over-the-shoulder purse. That way, you can carry everything you need, while also dressing down your outfit. Casual lace dresses make it easy for busy moms to look fabulous at family dinners without missing out on practicality. Lace can also easily hide food stains, which is a favorite feature among mothers everywhere!

The Perfect Look For Professional Environments

Finding the right look for a work event or office party can be stressful, to say the least. You’ve heard of the little black dress: the staple in every woman’s wardrobe that looks good just about anywhere. Pretty lace dresses are the new little black dress, and it is changing the way women think about fashion!

Grabbing one of your casual lace dresses with a high neckline can bridge the gap between casual and formal for a stunning semi-formal business look. Try one that stops just above the knee, and pair it with a sleek blazer. A pair of simple pumps and some understated jewelry pull the look together. The best part about the look is that as soon as you take off the blazer, you are ready to grab a drink after the function without feeling too stiff. It’s a great, versatile look for conferences or travel work events. Casual lace dresses give you two looks for the price of one, meaning more free space in your suitcase!

Looking Stunning And Breezy At Brunch

Women in pretty lace dresses

Bring your best brunch looks with a vibrant lace dress. Rock a chic look with all your best friends at a trendy brunch spot in this stylish outfit. Our best advice for the perfect brunch outfit? Try out a bold, strong color for your pretty lace dresses and ground it with neutral accessories. Bring in a matte lipstick to tie the look together.

The great thing about casual lace dresses is that they look good with practically everything. A short lace dress with silky wedges looks great in the morning without being too formal. Add in some subtle jewelry for a sophisticated style. When you step into that killer outfit, nothing is holding you back from having the perfect morning out with friends or family! Be bold and breezy in this stylish brunch outfit idea.

Assemble Your Best Lace Dress Outfit Today

However you choose to dress it up or down, a lace dress is your new wardrobe essential. Perfect for any event, learn how to style your casual lace dresses to fit all occasions. Impress family, friends, dates, and coworkers with professional and sophisticated looks centered on the lace dress. Shop options now at Saved by the Dress! We want you to embrace your inner fashion with these chic all-season looks!

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