You’re Washing Your Clothes All Wrong

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Heads up...we all may be washing our clothes wrong. Gasp, we know. But, here’s the thing, washing your clothes to preserve the colors and just make them last longer may just take a little tweaking in your everyday laundry routine.
We are going to break down the top five tips on how to wash your clothes to keep them looking brand new through everyday wear and tear.


5 Hacks on Washing Your Clothes to Make Them Last Longer

#1 Choose the Right Cycle:

The first thing to keep in mind is the cycle you are using. Are you washing your delicates on high spin speed in hot water? If so, they may shrink, and you may pull your favorite sweater out of the wash with some pieces starting to fray. You want to make sure you are choosing the right cycle for the load you are washing. Bulky cycle for larger loads with things like jeans and bulky sweatshirts, regular for your regular old run of the mill load of laundry, and delicate for your blouses, bras, undies, and anything you know wouldn’t hold up well thrown in with the bulky load.

#2 Watch What Detergent You Use:

Detergent makes a huge difference when it comes to preserving the quality of your clothes, but don’t worry, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on an outrageously priced one either. Just try to stick to a more naturally-based product that doesn’t contain chemicals that will strip the colors from your clothing. Brands like Seventh Generation and Myer’s are both great options.

#3 Invest in Dryer Balls:

If you are using regular old dryer sheets, ditch the sheets and opt for wool dryer balls. Dryer sheets have a tendency of leaving a weird film on clothes which is not exactly what you want when trying to make your clothes last longer. Wool dryer balls will not only avoid that issue, but they can help soften and reduce static from your clothes without the use of harmful toxins found in the standard dryer sheet.

#4 Use a Delicates Bag:

Chances are your mother or grandmother has always told you to put your delicates in a delicates bag. Well, there is some rhyme and reason behind this. Keeping things like bras aways from other items of clothing can prevent wiring and clasps from getting stuck on your new blouse or sweater. Trust us, using a delicates bag is one of the easiest ways to wash your clothes more efficiently, while also preserving the quality of your clothing.


#5 Wash Less:

And, last but not least is to simply wash less. The more you wash your clothes, the more the coloring is going to fade, or the super soft cotton shirt is going to lose its soft texture. If you can get away with wearing your jeans twice, do it! Some pieces of clothing like jeans and sweaters can easily be worn at least twice before it’s really time for a wash.


Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash


If you’re trying to find ways to make your clothes last longer, and make that clothing investment that much more worthwhile, try implementing these clothes washing hacks! You would be shocked at just how much better your clothes look on laundry day, and how much longer you can wear them before it’s time to invest in some replacements.

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