Go Getter Boot


Every year, we get so excited for the new "boot trends" to come out. We are constantly on top of what is in style for the upcoming season when searching for a good boot. Saved By The Dress online boutique will always be one of your main sources for shoes.

As soon as we introduced the Go Getter Taupe Boot, everyone fell in love. For us, this boot was a game changer. The style and flare that it brought to our online boutique was perfect. It features an amazing stitch that adds character and detail. It also has the cutest strap and buckle, which can totally dress up any outfit.

We have paired this boot with so many different styles, it's hard to count. They compliment any pair of jeans, leggings or skirt. The neutral color makes it easy to match it with any outfit. These will definitely be a staple piece for you to add to your shoe collection, and you will never want to take them off! Happy shopping!!


Here are some great outfit ideas to spice up your look!


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