Lace Up Heels

Saved By The Dress Online Boutique has an awesome new arrival just for you! Our black lace up heels are now in stock and they are selling quickly. These beautiful shoes are so classy and they make your feet feel like royalty. The girls at Saved By The Dress love how this shoe features the pointed toe with the stiletto heel. The lace up straps add such a cute detail to your ankle. You can tie these laces anyway you'd like. We prefer to tie them in a loose, casual knot. Finally, the suede fabric is the perfect finish to make this shoe look soft and elegant.
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We have paired this heel with so many different outfits, it's hard to count them all. However, our two favorite outfits that go with this shoe are the black velvet wrap dress and the black crochet maxi dress. Honestly, these heels add the perfect finish to any outfit, whether its a dress or a pair of jeans. We hope you love them just as much as we do. Happy shopping!! 
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